"Design for everyone, design to live in "

It is our belief that every space in a building is actually conveying a message that represents particular function, preference, and character. On the other hand, architecture and interior works also have the potential to shape people's behavior and mood. Thus, it is important for us to create a design that is especially crafted to reveal our clientele's identity and character. Hence, getting to know our clients is a very important step for each of our projects. It is a crucial phase as we want every building and every space screaming their owners’ personality. Therefore, getting to know our clients better, we can make a better baseline of how the building and the interior space should be designed. 

  • What are our client necessities?
  • How do they behave?
  • What is their preference?
  • What are their values?
  • What do they want to represent from their building?
  • What culture and habbit they want to develop in the building?
  • Most likely, the answer to these questions will be different for each person and corporation.

Each design style has different distinctive features. And while it is very important to know the characteristics, we regard style as reference to help us and our clients define our personality and preference, but not as a limitation to our designs. We prefer a thematic design approach that transcends styles and broaden our perspective to new possibilities of eclectic style that gives soul to the whole theme. This thematic approach will give us and our clients a space to collaborate as a team, to combine our preference while at the same time maintaining the good architecture and interior norm. 

Every person has his own unique definition of beauty. We want to create a place that satisfies our client’s aspirations for art and beauty, without neglecting the right arrangements of zoning, circulation, ventilation and lightning system, ergonomic interior and architectural details. We make sure that our designs are not only beautiful but also livable, by accommodating both of our clients functional and emotional needs.

We want to design spaces that grows with its owner. Thus, our am is to create something that is durable and long lasting. A place that will stand the test of time. To reach this goal, sustainability is an important aspect that drives our entire design process, from zoning, circulation arrangement, mechanical-electrical system, up to material choosing and maintenance.

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.”

Winston Churchill