House at Kenjeran, Surabaya

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This renovation project is one of our favourite because the house itself is a momento, a remembrance of childhood memories, a legacy, passed from one generation to another. And it is also represent those old times when "Jengki" style was popular during 1950-1970's as opposing style of the previous common colonial style. The challenge is to convey the nostalgic feeling while adding style and edge that make this house regain its beauty and spirit. In this design, we maintain the courtyard and backyard area to give ample light and air to the house, while adding a small koi pond in the courtyard. For a rough-rustic expression we used lots of common exterior materials, such as rough granite, exposed concrete and brick wall, wood siding plank wall, and even exposed wooden beam. We also used lots of existing antique teak wood furniture, mixed and matched them, refurnished and repaired them, and giving them some upgrade to give it a more stylish, up to date look. For an edgy and bold look, we add many rustic metal elements for furniture details and accessories, such as metal bird cage like hanging lamp, metal framed cabinets, to vintage metal stools and bench.