House at Central Park A. Yani, Surabaya

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The main idea for this house's interior is to create something classy, elegant, yet down to earth comfortable. A home which can convey the owners' personality, a warm hearted, friendly, yet simple and elegant people. Thus, we choose warm, earth tone coloured tropical modern style with a slight classical twist and pastel colours to give it a sweet edge. Starting the design process, we also found several items of the owners' collection to be combined with our design. Living and dining are the areas where tropical atmosphere is most vivid. We can find lots of wood textures, earthy coloured fabric, upholstery and accessories dominating these areas. A sweeter and relaxing ambience can be found in family bedrooms. Light pastel colours like gray, light blue, and cream, combined with arm chairs and sofas which adopt slight curves and basic shape of american classic furniture. Giving these bedrooms a relaxing yet elegant look.